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This site is maintained by the District 04 of the Mid-Southern California Area 09 Website Committee for the purpose of dispersing information pertinent to service work within the District to the GSR’s, District Committee Members, Officers and other interested alcoholics. A letter from District 04 Officers follows: Dear GSRs,   If you are new to [...]

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The GSR Preamble We are the General Service Representatives. We are the link in the chain of communications for our groups with the General Service Conference and the world of AA. We realize the Ultimate Authority in A.A. as a Loving God as He may express Himself in our Group Conscience. As trusted servants, our [...]

For DCMs

DCMs The district committee member (DCM) is an essential link between the group GSR and the Area 09 Delegate to the General Service Conference. As leader of the district committee made up of all GSRs in the district, the DCM is exposed to the group conscience of the district. As a member of the area [...]


  For contributions, please click below if you are an Alcoholic:       I am an Alcoholic.    "The A.A. groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members..."  Tradition Seven excerpt from The Twelve Traditions, Long Form. PayPal Contribution Links Group Optional; Select Group Name: Please make group name [...]


Archives service work is the means by which we collect, preserve and share the rich and meaningful heritage of our Fellowship. It is by the collection and sharing of these important historical elements that our collective gratitude for Alcoholics Anonymous is deepened


This section of the website provides a listing of AA related events and activities of interest to members of Area 09 District 04. These include General Service meetings, forums, and conferences that support recovery from alcoholism through fellowship and education.

This link connects you to the Alcoholics Anonymous website, a gateway to material used for organizational, spiritual, and service oriented inspiration for many recovery ideas.  Have a problem with alcohol? There is a solution. A.A. has a simple program that works.

This links to the Harbor Area Central Office website. This site provides a listing of meetings of AA in our area, including when, where and how to access these meetings.  The website also provides other material and 24-hour support for recovery from the disease of alcoholism.

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AA Meetings => District 04, MSCA 09, Alcoholics Anonymous

To find an A.A. meeting in or near District 04/Long Beach, click on the intergroup websites below. Most intergroup listings show both in person and online meeting information and include ZOOM login info and passwords.

A.A. Meetings Phone App

You can also download the Meeting Guide App. Meeting Guide is a free of charge meeting finder app for iOS and Android that provides meeting information from A.A. service entities in an easy-to-access format.

Los Angeles County Intergroups

Orange County Intergroup

To Find On Line A.A. Meetings
Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous

The OIAA Directory features 1,000+ meetings worldwide, adjusted for your time zone. You can filter by day, format, or language—or search by meeting name. You can also change time zones, or select the filter, “24/7”, for meetings (email, chat, etc) available anytime.

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