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"The A.A. groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members..."
Tradition Seven excerpt from The Twelve Traditions, Long Form.

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Group Name Group Number

10 + Meeting Grp - Sun 5pm90080

11th Step Focus Grp84957

A.A. Candlelight Grp91880

Alcoholics Together Grp 92667

Came To Believe Gay Grp 97772

Friday Nite Gay Men In Recovery Grp 106337

Gay Men Of Color Stag Grp 107026

Newcomer Question & Answer Grp35338

No B.S. Grp 36314

Our Common Welfare (Tues 8pm AAC) 470604

Saturday Morning Beach Mt. Grp62907

Sober Gender Non-Conformists Grp 72580

Tuesday Round Robin Grp 14874


Group Name Group Number

7th St. Irregulars Grp91315

Cover To Cover Grp 100364

Emotional Sobriety Next Frontier Grp 103267

Happy Hour Topic Discussion Grp 109523

Ice Breakers Grp 44265

Monday Night Basic Steps Grp 24332

Rossmoor Discussion Grp 59244

Surrender Is Freedom Grp 86096


Group Name Group Number

Belmont Heights Men's Stag Grp95365

Friday Night Mens Stag on Woodruff Willow 7pm478271

Harmony Grp 109696

Long Beach Men's Stag14314

Men's 12 & 12 Study Grp14604

The Toledo Men's Fellowship122023

Thursday Night Men's Stag Grp 121930


Group Name Group Number

5 O'clock Big Book Step Study Grp91041

7 AM Att Adj Grp17705

Beyond The Big Book Grp95580

Discussion Grp 101586

Early Birdies Grp 351892

Grace Of God Grp 111795

MP - Sunday Morning Discussion Grp17709

MP 7 a.m. Att Adjust (Monday) 23746

MP Att Adj Grp 17713

MP Att Adj Grp - Mon 7am17713

MP Att Adj Grp - Sat 7am17725

MP Att Adj Grp - Sun 7am17713

MP Att Adj Grp - Thur 7am17727

MP Att Adj Grp - Tue 7am17713

MP Att Adj Grp - Wed 7am17713

MP Att Adj Grp Zoom - Mon 7am17713

MP Brown Baggers Grp 17717

MP Discussion Grp17720

MP Fri 7:00 AM Att Adj Grp105646

MP Fri Nooners Grp118185

MP Sat 7 AM Att Adj Grp17725

MP Wed Noon S/S Grp17733

Staggers On Monday Grp 24149

Tuesday Night Discussion Grp 303720

Under The Bridge BB fri MP 8pm478270

Under The Palm Tree Grp 16918

Women's Tues Study118186


Group Name Group Number

Arbor Road Tuesday Speaker Grp 93376

Carry the Message 6775

East Willow Discussion Grp 102752

East Willow Saturday Nite Grp102753

Eleventh Step Study Grp 103143

Friday Night Participation95814

Friday Night Participation Grp95814

Thursday Big Book Study Grp 6947

Traditions Study Grp 10527

Uppity Women Grp 18223

V.A. Hospital Grp 18475

Wednesday Discussion27932

Willing to Grow 33718

Winner's Circle Reflections Grp34531


Group Name Group Number

Atlantic Speakers Grp 93847

Back To Basics Grp94408

Experience, Strength & Hope Grp103674

Friday Happy Hour Grp 105822

Friday Night B. B. Lakewood105955

Happy Hour Grp 109375

Happy Ms. Step Study Grp 109574

High On Life Grp 110318

Hill Street Blues Big Book Study Grp 110469

Into Action Video Step Study Grp 111900

Islanders And Friends Grp 111997

Mon Nooners Grp 23866

Monday Nite Happy Hour Grp 25173

No One Left Behind Grp 37009

Noon Serenity Grp 8497

Now Is As All We Have Grp 40591

Over 50 MWA 46136

Rule 62 Att Adj Grp 21113

Saturday Night Live Grp 45321

Sisters in Sobriety MWA0

Step Sisters Grp 241222

Sunday Morning Artist Grp 83733

T.G.I.F. Grp 60681

Thursday Night LB Men's 90070

Tuesday Big Book Study Grp 12753

Tuesday Happy Hour Grp 12986

Tuesday Nite Men's Stag Grp (MWA)14603

Way Of Life Speaker Grp21887


Group Name Group Number

12 Steps & 12 Traditions Study Grp90452

Attitude Adjustment @ Atlantic Alano Club93903

Bowling Green Grp 96560

Coffee Talk Grp 65691

Crackin The Book Grp100409

East Bay Grp 102608

Faith In Action Grp 103911

Finding Gratitude Grp 104284

Friday Nite Fellowship Grp 106329

Full Flight Grp 106772

Invisible Speaker Grp 111923

Lost And Found Grp 14820

Naples Men's Zoom Grp336233

Only The Big Book Grp 44074

Pier's Grp49220

Principles Before Personalities Grp 52698

Sunday Night Great Fact Grp of LB84419

Thursday Night at the Fights Grp 65685

True Ambition Grp 11690

Tuesday Women's Mira Mar Grp238685

Under the Bridge Workshop Grp 16902

Watering Hole Grp 21575

We Are Not A Glum Lot (WANGL) Speaker Grp22485


Group Name Group Number

Alonza Last Hope Grp 92866

Courage To Change Grp 100289

East Side Early Bird Att Adj Grp 102723

Intimacy And Recovery Grp - 7pm Friday111791

Monday Night Book Study Grp 24445

Mother Grp 237714

Saturday Nite Live Grp 64758

Sun Spots Grp 83223

Turn The Block Grp 15278


Group Name Group Number

702 Girls Grp91293

Aloha Women's Grp92864

Aloha Zoom 2.0 Womens Topic Discussion478264

Belmont Heights Women's Step Study Grp95363

Belmont Heights Women's SS Closed Wed @ 10:00 am 95363

Just For Today Grp 112716

MP Women's Tues S/S Grp17735

Tuesday Night Women's Book Study12437


Group Name Group Number

Big Book Wed Nite Book Study Grp96029

Came To Believe - Fri 8:30pm0

In The Can Grp 111602

Inner Peace Grp 111714

KISS Grp 5640

Positive In Sobriety Grp 50913

Seniors 4 Sobriety Grp66586

St. Cornelius Meeting - 5:45pm 0

Wednesday Night Book Study - 8pm0


Group Name Group Number

Grp Name0


Group Name Group Number

Living Sober88068

Under the Bridge Wednesday Book Study 327420

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