Panel 74 Committee Chair: Jo Jo

Treatment Facilities Workbook

Bridging the Gap

Committee Chair Responsibilities:

  1. Suggested sobriety: 2 years.
  2. Attend at least 6 Area Treatment Facilities meetings per year and report to the district on activities.
  3. Form, maintain, and facilitate a District 4 Treatment Facilities Committee made up of GSRs and interested members.
  4. Encourage GSRs to promote Treatment Facilities “Bridging the Gap” program with their groups.
  5. Send letters to all treatment facilities in the district explaining what A.A. does and does not do. (The video “Hope: Alcoholics Anonymous” has been a useful tool for both staff and patients.)
  6. Coordinate with H & I and facility administration, to take A.A. meetings into facilities within the district.
  7. Encourage group participation for them to have a representative on the T.F. committee.
  8. Coordinate temporary group member contact information for inpatients being released.
  9. Arrange purchase and distribution of literature for these groups and meetings.
  10. Seek to understand, respect, and adhere to all treatment facility regulations in the district.
  11. Make information about A.A.’s function and purpose available to treatment staff.