Panel 74 Chair: Vacant

  1. Attend all (no less than 6) Area Special Needs Committee meetings and report to the district on activities.
  2. Form, maintain and facilitate a District 4 Special Needs Committee made up of GSRsand other interested members.
  3. Encourage GSRs to establish and maintain a Visitor Group for home and hospital-bound A A. members of their group.
  4. Promote Loners and Internationalists programs.
  5. Assist groups to meet the needs of members who are blind or visually impaired; deaf or hard of hearing; chronically ill or home-bound; and those who are physically or developmentally disabled and any other special needs.
  6. Ensure that accurate information is provided to local and national directories concerning wheelchair accessibility.
  7. Encourage GSRs to make their Groups aware of the committee’s work.