Panel 74 Chair: Gregory J.

Your District 04 CPC Committee can bring the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to professionals in your community, helping them understand how and why AA works. Members of CPC Committees inform professionals and future professionals about AA – what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do.

CPC works at establishing better communication between AA’s and professionals, and to find simple effective ways of cooperation without affiliation. Non-alcoholic professionals may work and/ or meet the alcoholic where AA is not known or present.

Through professionals, alcoholics may be reached who might otherwise never find the program. Moreover, they may be reached sooner with the help of informed non AA professionals who may cross paths with the alcoholic through their chosen profession.

Professional communities include that of medicine, education, law, corrections, the judiciary, the military, the clergy, and social work. In this way, still suffering alcoholics can be reached where, under other circumstances, may fall through the cracks.

CPC is vital and rewarding Service work. District 04 is here to support your CPC vision, your goals and your efforts.

*excerpts taken from Cooperation with the Professional Community Workbook 2018

About A.A. – A Newsletter for Professionals
Chair Responsibilities:

  1. Suggested sobriety: 2 years.
  2. Attend all (no less than 6) Area CPC meetings and report to the District on CPC activities.
  3. Form and maintain a District 4 CPC Committee made up of GSRs and other interested members.
  4. Establish projects for the District 4 CPC Committee to work on.