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  Panel 70 Chair: Maryka d O. GSR School orientation for new GSR’s is typically held on the first Monday prior to the monthly business meeting @ 7:00 p.m. Zoom ID: 898 8818 1450 Passcode: District04 Conduct a brief orientation for new GSRs one half-hour prior to the District GSR meeting (or at another agreed-upon […]

  Panel 70 Committee Chair: Sindy V. Committee Chair Responsibilities: Attend all (no less than 6) Area Grapevine Committee meetings and report to the district on Grapevine activities. Form and maintain a District 4 Grapevine Committee made up of Group Grapevine Representatives (GVRs) and other interested members. At District meetings, inform GSRs of the availability […]

  Panel 70 Chair: Jim D. Corrections Committee Workbook The purpose of a corrections committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A. members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to incarcerated alcoholics. Bringing meetings and literature into facilities, raising awareness of the Corrections Correspondence Service (C.C.S.) among “inside” and […]

  Panel 70 Chair: Anthony A. 2021 District 04 Budget Adopted 11.04.2020 “AA’s far flung Twelfth Step activities, carrying the message to the next sufferer, are the very lifeblood of our AA adventure. Without this vital activity, we would soon become anemic; we would literally wither and die. “Now where do AA’s services—worldwide, area, local—fit […]

  Panel 70 Chair: Gerry W. Oral Histories Kit from GSO MSCA 09 Group History Form Develop, maintain, and promote a District 4 Archives program and collect and maintain a historical collection of A. A material. Maintain custody of the District 4 historical records, memorabilia, tapes and videos, and any donated items from Groups and […]

  The Website Committee meets monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month @ 4:00 p.m. Please contact Committee Co-Chairs if you wish to join this committee. Panel 70 Committee: Co-Chairs: Cynthia F. & Matthew L. Recording Secretary: Maryka d O. Posting Secretary: Gregory J. Webmaster: Patrick O. Committee Vision Mission Purpose Committee Guidelines Committee […]

  Panel 70 Chair: Joy M. Public Information Workbook Public Information Kit The primary purpose of members involved in Public Information Service work is to carry the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic. Public Information conveys AA information to the general public through activities such as providing AA resources and literature to schools, colleges […]