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Your link to the General Service Conference, the Mid Southern California Area 09 Delegate serves for two years and is a voting member of the Conference, bringing to its deliberations the experiences and viewpoints of the Area and of District 04 members and its groups. Though the Conference is the high point of the role of the delegate, the delegate’s job goes on year-round and involves all aspects of the conference structure.

The Panel 70 Delegate for Mid Southern California Area 09 is Ed L. Ed posts information including his monthly sharing session at MSCA 09’s website, where you can read about his activities and perspective on his service work.

Before being elected as our Delegate, Ed served as the Area alternate delegate for two years, as Secretary for two years, and as Grapevine representative for two years. At the district level, Ed served as District 19 Secretary for five years and GSR for two years. At the group level, Ed served in various service positions. His home group is the Wednesday Night Men’s Stag meeting in Wrightwood, CA. Ed’s first A.A. meeting was with the El Groupo de Estrella de Desierto (Hesperia). His sobriety date is 05/30/2005.

Ed’s Personal Mission Statement: “I’m committed to being totally available and responsible to MSCA 09 members, to help provide a healthy infrastructure to communicate among individuals, Groups, Districts, Area, and the General Service Office, while using as few acronyms as possible!”

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