District 04 MSCA 09 Business Meeting Minutes from Panel 74

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Young People in A.A. (YPAA) Panel 74 Liaison: Vacant Attend all (no less than 6) MSC Area 09 and local YPAA committee meetings and report to the district on YPAA activities. Attend all meetings of the District 4 Committee and the District 4 business meetings. Maintain activity in YPAA projects in the District 4 territory. […]

Harbor Area Service Committee Panel 74 HASC Liaison: Vacant Attend all HASC and local Committee meetings and report to the district on intergroup activities. Attend all Harbor Area Service Committee meetings and report to District 4 on HASC activities. Maintain activity in District 4 intergroup projects. Coordinate any General Service and Intergroup activities that are […]

  Panel 74 Chair: Vacant Attend all (no less than 6) Area Special Needs Committee meetings and report to the district on activities. Form, maintain and facilitate a District 4 Special Needs Committee made up of GSRsand other interested members. Encourage GSRs to establish and maintain a Visitor Group for home and hospital-bound A A. […]

  Panel 74 Chair: Maggie E-mail: Archives-Chair@LongBeachAA.org Oral Histories Kit from GSO MSCA 09 Group History Form (English) | MSCA 09 Group History Form (Spanish) Suggested sobriety: 2 years. Develop, maintain, and promote a District 4 Archives program and collect and maintain a historical collection of A. A material. Maintain custody of the District 4 historical records, memorabilia, tapes and […]

  Panel 74 Chair: Gregory J.e-mail: CPC@LongBeachAA.org Your District 04 CPC Committee can bring the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to professionals in your community, helping them understand how and why AA works. Members of CPC Committees inform professionals and future professionals about AA – what we are, where we are, what we can do, and […]